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33614Re: [midatlanticretro] SDI cable/pinout

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  • Cory Smelosky
    Dec 19, 2013
      On Thu, 19 Dec 2013, Dave McGuire wrote:

      > Yes. Each cable in an SDI system flips the pins, so you need an odd
      > number of them. I explained this the other day.

      One is an odd number. ;)

      Wouldn't one with two female connectors work, or are signals flipped as

      > > That's absolutely ridiculous.
      > No...ridiculous is what those cables cost when new.

      And a $100 for cables (2 is an even number, so $160) for a $75 drive
      isn't? ;)

      > > So, time to recoup losses. Who wants to buy an untested RA72 (Can't get
      > > it connected to test it) and cable for $115 + shipping.
      > Be patient, man!

      Unless you have the necessary cables around, I have useless components
      here I can't test before any return period ends.

      > -Dave

      Cory Smelosky
      http://gewt.net Personal stuff
      http://gimme-sympathy.org Projects
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