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33608Re: [midatlanticretro] SDI cable/pinout

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  • Cory Smelosky
    Dec 19, 2013
      On Thu, 19 Dec 2013, Dave McGuire wrote:

      > On 12/19/2013 03:08 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
      > >>>>> I've heard I can use the bulkhead/cabkit cables in a pinch...my question
      > >>>>> there is...how? They're both male. They won't quite mate properly.
      > >>>>
      > >>>> Most SDI cabinet kits have connectors on the (usually red, sometimes
      > >>>> black) cables that will unplug from the bulkhead. Can you shoot me a
      > >>>> picture of your cabinet kit?
      > >>>
      > >>> See attached and/or inline
      > >>
      > >> Ok...can't really make it out from that one. Can you do that again
      > >> with better lighting, and zoomed out a lot? I'm trying to identify the
      > >> entire cabinet kit.
      > >>
      > >
      > > How about a part number?
      > >
      > > 17-00951-02.
      > I'll try to find it based on that, but honestly, nobody uses "those"
      > part numbers. What I'm looking for is "BA23 KDA50 cab kit", BA213 KDA50
      > cab kit", etc.

      It was from a BA123, and it seems to have been part of the original order,
      so BA123 KDa50 cab kit is the most reasonable.

      The connector does NOT unplug. It just snaps off the wire. (I'm going no
      further. I ordered the correct cable from the bulkhead to drive and I can
      recrimp the correct connector on once I have the right equipment)

      > -Dave

      Cory Smelosky
      http://gewt.net Personal stuff
      http://gimme-sympathy.org Projects
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