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33480RE: Sat Festivus Count

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  • corey986
    Dec 13, 2013
      Jeremy and I should be there around 1 or two. We have lacrosse in the morning. I guess bad weather means I'm drug in the wife's SUV.

      I think Evan mentioned in another thread I dropped off my "adult beverages" already and my projector and Apple II plus loaded with games. Someone may want to set up the Apple before I get there. I don't mind. You'll have to borrow a monitor from MARCH. The Apple II line have funny video out and I don't remember if it works with the projector or not.

      Later I'll mail/post instructions on using the Apple with the CF/USB card since I loaded it with everyone's favorite games. Someone please make sure Evan doesn't hog the system playing "Swashbuckler" or Zaxxon LOL.

      Cheers, Corey
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