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33380Looking for...STDBUS manual scans

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  • Richard Cini
    Dec 8 11:51 AM
      All —

      While cleaning the shop, I came across two STDBUS systems. One I remember I got from Temple University; the other on eBay that was part of some sort of data acquisition system used at NASA.

      I did some re-googling and I couldn’t come up with any manuals on the following twocards: 7805-1 (8085 CPU card (similar to the 7801)). There is also an unknown I/O card that has “CDI FLP-380” on it. The chip on it is an SAB-2793B which is a floppy controller chip so it’s a floppy controller board.
      	If anyone has scans of these manuals available, or can point me to a good archive for them, that’d be great. I checked on Bitsavers and these are the only ones I’m missing.
      Also, unrelated, I came across an Ampro LittleBoard 186. If anyone’s interested, contact me off-list with an offer. Working condition unknown but when I got it on eBay a few years ago it was sold as working.



      Rich Cini
      Collector of Classic Computers
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