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33368RE: [midatlanticretro] OT: Tandy 1000 RLX

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  • Wesley Furr
    Dec 6, 2013
      A number of the 1000 series had DOS and the basic parts of Deskmate in ROM.
      The first computer we had at home was a 1000SL...it could go from power on
      to Deskmate in just a few seconds...and it shipped stock with an 8MHz 8086,
      384k of RAM and a single 360k floppy drive...no hard drive! I'm amazed at
      what Tandy did for short boot times. I picked up a TL/3 a while back, and
      in playing with it, the slowest part of the boot process seems to be waiting
      for the hard drive to spin up and be ready. The HD was flaky at first
      power-on, and as I recall, it was booting into DOS and/or Deskmate before
      the (not yet recognized) drive finished spinning up...


      -----Original Message-----

      Wasn't there a Tandy 1000 machine that -did- have DOS in ROM? I seem to
      remember a unit like that. It was supposed to be easy to use around the
      house... like in the kitchen, so you could boot up in a flash and check your
      recipes that were saved using Deskmate (or something like that) on to a 3.5"
      floppy, IIRC.

      73 de Ray
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