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33161NOS VT220 CRTs for $25 including shipping

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  • jack99rubin
    Nov 8, 2013
      EMI Solutions is going out of business and is clearing stock. They've offered to sell these tubes - DEC P/N 70-19578 VT220 TUBE & CRT ASSEMBLY - for $25 each _including shipping_ if I can put together at least 10 sales. USA delivery only.

      I've already purchased 2 of these and will buying 2 more. They are as advertised, new-old-stock, shipped in the original carton with foamed-in-place support. The part number actually crosses to a VR201 CRT + bezel assembly but the bezel is easily removed by loosening a single screw. The VT220 and VR201 CRTs themselves are interchangeable. Phosphor colors are white, green and amber, subject to availability.

      If you want in on this, funds must be in my PayPal account by next Thursday, November 14, 2013. I will place the order on Friday, November 15 and the tubes will be shipped directly to you from EMI. If you have a phosphor color preference, let me know and I'll forward that to EMI, but no guarantees as to color or anything else.

      Usual disclaimer - I have no financial interest in this transaction or in EMI Solutions - I'm just trying to save these tubes from being scrapped.

      Jack Rubin
      PayPal to j@...
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