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33015Re: [midatlanticretro] RE: SCSI ZIP Drive Question

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  • J. Alexander Jacocks
    Oct 28, 2013
      On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 5:21 PM, Systems Glitch <systems.glitch@...> wrote:

      > However, I have TERRIBLE experiences with almost all Jaz
      > media and drives I've worked with.

      Same here. I don't think I have any cartridges or drives that remain functional.

      Same here.  I have Jaz drives (both 1 and 2GB versions), and carts, but none seem to work.  My Zip carts, even those bought at random flea markets, work great.  That goes for the 100s and the 250s.  I don't have any 750s.

      One useful thing that I have found is that if you have a zip cart that someone has formatted oddly, the drives will quite often refuse to read it.  However, for some reason, the parallel port zip drive, with the DOS zip tools, is fantastic at formatting those carts back to usefulness.  Complete accidental discovery.
      Of course, the king of old-but-reliable media has to be the Magneto-Optical disk. I use the 3.5" format, which comes in capacities up to 2.3 GB. Still use them for really important backups (taxes, medical records, et c.). I have a USB 2.0 attached 2.3 GB drive on my desk, which will read/write down to the original 128 MB cartridges. There's a mix of SCSI and IDE MO drives paired with several old machines, mostly SCSI drives with older Macs.

      Interesting, as I just picked up one of the 2.3GB Fujitsu drives, at a Hamfest.  I remember them well, for years gone by, but I never had one, before.  I'll have to play with it, while media is still readily available.

      - Alex
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