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33014Re: [midatlanticretro] RE: SCSI ZIP Drive Question

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  • Systems Glitch
    Oct 28, 2013
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      > However, I have TERRIBLE experiences with almost all Jaz
      > media and drives I've worked with.

      Same here. I don't think I have any cartridges or drives that remain functional.

      I used Bernoulli disks for a while in the late 90's, since they were cheaply available as their previous owners replaced them with Zip disks/drives. I gave Zip disks a try when their prices came down due to prevalance of CD-R drives, but ended up going with SyQuest EZ-Drive 230 MB drives, which were more closely related to the Jaz drive in that they used hard disk platters.

      Of course, the king of old-but-reliable media has to be the Magneto-Optical disk. I use the 3.5" format, which comes in capacities up to 2.3 GB. Still use them for really important backups (taxes, medical records, et c.). I have a USB 2.0 attached 2.3 GB drive on my desk, which will read/write down to the original 128 MB cartridges. There's a mix of SCSI and IDE MO drives paired with several old machines, mostly SCSI drives with older Macs.

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