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32933Re: [midatlanticretro] Macintosh PowerBook 180

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  • Dave McGuire
    Oct 23, 2013
      On 10/24/2013 01:16 AM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
      >>>>>> Jails? Zones is what Jails want to be when it grows up.
      >>>>> Whoops. Zones. It's nearing time for me to crash. ;)
      >>>> Oh. Yes. ;) Me too...new firmware release tomorrow. Wheee.
      >>> More exciting than what I need to do...I need to contact a Hong Kong guy's
      >>> nephew about picking up a piano I sold him for $20.
      >> Now that's GOT to be a euphemism.
      > That's the weird part...it's not!


      Yer weird, man. ;)

      > Once the keyboard arrives I'll take a crack at it.

      Good luck!

      > I REALLY need to get RAM for it though. 4G should be plenty@

      Oh yes.


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
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