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32918Re: [midatlanticretro] Macintosh PowerBook 180

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  • Derrik Walker v2.0
    Oct 23, 2013
      On 10/23/13 2:56 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:

      I was a staunch, very loud anti-Solaris person for a long time, having
      depended on the BSD-based SunOS4 (and 3) for many years. Solaris pre-2.7 or
      so really sucked. But, as with some other platforms, it grew up. Now I
      absolutely ADORE Solaris, and I insist upon it for server work. The only OS
      I've seen that's more stable and dependable than modern Solaris is VMS.

      Unless you're anti-UNIX for some reason, I doubt few would argue against Solaris' technical merits.  Unfortunately, today, the biggest problem with Solaris is Oracle.

      - Derrik
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