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32913Re: [midatlanticretro] Macintosh PowerBook 180

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  • Derrik Walker v2.0
    Oct 23, 2013
      On 10/23/13 10:46 AM, jeff_s_jonas@... wrote:

      Thanks to all for the replies.

      I remember the Unix wars from the AT&T side in the 80s. I have the pins & swag to prove it!

      My career started in the early '90's when it was Sun vs. SGI vs. HP.  Then Sun went and changed their OS from being BSD based to SysV based.  If that move didn't give everyone a headache .... Along came Windows NT and Linux. I knew one ( or both ) were going to be big, but I hated ( and still do hate ) Windows, so I bet it all on Linux - and fortunately, it was a good bet. 

      I did get to work on a Little SCO, AIX, NeXT, Ultrix, OSF/1, AT&T 3B2, early DG/UX system, and even ran an obscure BSD variant on my Mac called Mach 10.  I still have the media and was thinking about resurrecting an old Mac just for old time sake.

      Always wanted to play with AU/X but never had the chance ( due to AT&T licensing, I think it was a fair bit more expensive than Mach 10, and didn't run on Power PC based systems that I had by the time I could actually afford to buy it ).

      Unfortunately, I missed out on playing with V7 on a pre-risc Dec system, PDP or VAX - I've seen a VAX running BSD, but didn't have an account on it.

      - Derrik

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