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3283Egads! Just six days 'til VCF.

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 7, 2006
      Hey folks. I'm going to be at the VCF East location as of early Friday
      morning. I expect the exhibitors to start trickling in throughout the
      afternoon. Anyone who intends to show up as a volunteer will certainly be
      put to good use!

      All the show details are on Sellam's site at
      http://www.vintage.org/2006/east/ ... Since this is the first time I'm
      running a big event, I gaurantee there will be some mistakes made.
      Hopefully they'll be minimal. Whatever they may be, please just try to have

      Having said that, if anyone's coming from out-of-town, then just ping me (or
      post to the VCF BBS page or here on the MARCH list)... The best part of a
      VCF isn't the computers, it's seeing your fellow collectors.

      Also, we have some cool prizes. The top prizes are a Replica 1 (Apple 1)
      kit from Briel Computers, and a Digi-Comp replica kit as well. Both are
      exciting so we'll let the best-of-show winner choose one and we'll give the
      other to a random attendee based on picking a ticket number from a hat.

      - Evan

      PS - some people are asking me what happened to the CCN - it'll return with
      a revamped web site and a different format in May.