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32737Re: [midatlanticretro] What to do with old Sun h/w? (fwd)

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  • Cory Smelosky
    Oct 9, 2013
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      yOn Wed, 9 Oct 2013, Dave McGuire wrote:

      > I hope someone can save these. Grand machines, they are. I can provide
      > additional hardware and bring-up assistance as required. I have run,
      > literally, thousands of these machines. I just can't adopt any more of them.
      > (unless they magically show up here...they won't be turned away)

      I'd happily save them. I'm not in the area and iirc they're a big big to

      > -Dave
      > On 10/09/2013 02:23 PM, Mike Loewen wrote:
      >> Reply to David Strom if interested.
      >> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      >> Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 14:16:13 -0400
      >> From: David Strom <dstrom@...>
      >> Reply-To: The Rescue List <rescue@...>
      >> To: rescue@...
      >> Subject: [rescue] What to do with old Sun h/w?
      >> I have a couple of Sparc 10s, maybe a 20, and external components,
      >> disks, tape drives (4mm, 8mm, QIC) that I need to dispose of from my
      >> personal collection of stuff. Our county has an electronics recycling
      >> drop off in about 10 days.
      >> Some Sbus cards, maybe a CPU, maybe a graphics card or two (PCI).
      >> Is there anyone in the Northern New Jersey area that would want this
      >> stuff for free? Pretty close to NYC, too.

      Cory Smelosky
      http://gewt.net Personal stuff
      http://gimme-sympathy.org Projects
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