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32632Re: [midatlanticretro] Introduction/Small wanted list

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  • J. Alexander Jacocks
    Oct 7, 2013
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      On Sunday, October 6, 2013, wrote:

      Hi all I'm new to the group here.
      Probably not best to introduce myself then give a list of computers I'm
      looking for but here it goes.
      My name is Connor, I'm 16, left high school to start college (currently
      in college), and I'm collecting computers older then me.
      I've been known to carry old computers around my college campus for fun
      and I've been running out of room in this small room of mine.
      That's probably all I have to say about myself.
      Oh and I live in the north east corner of Maryland.
      Anyway onto the computers I am looking for (since they are either over
      priced on ebay or I can't find them there).
      I am looking for:
      A Commodore 64 (a floppy drive with it would be awesome too)
      An IBM PS/2 Model 25
      A Kaypro machine (don't have any yet so really any model would make me
      And an IBM system/36 5362 (sort-of kidding about this one as I doubt
      anyone would have one let alone have one they would be willing to sell,
      though I do wish to acquire one eventually)

      These machines do not need to be working or complete but I would prefer
      them complete over non-functioning as I have fun fixing them. (Also
      nicer condition is always preferable too :) )

      I'm glad to be apart of the group and I hope some of you can help me
      with my small wanted list.
      Oh and I hope to see some of you at Festivus! :D


      Welcome to the group!  It sounds like you'll fit in quite well, here.

      I got started with vintage electronics in a very similar way, though I didn't manage to get into college at 16.  Universities are fantastic places to find odd cast-off electronics.

      I also live in northeast Maryland, specifically in Queenstown.  And, I happen to have a spare C64.  So, if you want to meet up some time, let me know.

      - Alex
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