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32631Re: [midatlanticretro] a real Mensch <3 the 6502

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  • Bob Schwier
    Oct 7, 2013


      The 6502 ain't dead. Far from it!
      MARCH has a Mensch Computer, next to the PET!

      Looks neat but at $900, pricier than I can deal with at the moment.

      The Western Design Center (WDC), located in Mesa, Arizona,
      USA, is a company developing and manufacturing MOS
      65xx-based microprocessors, microcontrollers (µCs), and
      related support devices. WDC was founded in 1978 by
      co-holder of the MOS Technology 6502 patent, Bill Mensch,
      himself a former MOS Technology employee.

      65xx - Embedded Intelligence Technology
      Welcome, to The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC), home of
      the 65xx brand CMOS microprocessors. You are invited to
      learn more about us, our products and our support for your
      65xx brand embedded microprocessor PCB, ASIC and/or FPGA
      product development.

      "Legendary 65xx microprocessors keep on

      The legendary 65xx brand microprocessors with both 8-bit and
      8/16-bit ISAs keep cranking out the unit volumes in ASIC and
      standard microcontroller forms supplied by WDC and WDC.s
      licensees. Annual volumes in the hundreds (100.s) of
      millions of units keep adding in a significant way to the
      estimated shipped volumes of five (5) to ten (10) billion
      units. With 200MHz+ 8-bit W65C02S and 100MHz+ 8/16-bit
      W65C816S processors coming on line in ASIC and FPGA forms,
      we see these annual volumes continuing for a long, long

      The 65xx brand is probably the only processor family that
      has remained loyal to its ISA over the last 33 years. In
      addition it has served the widest spectrum of electronic
      markets through those years. For example, it has served and
      in some cases created markets for the PC, video game, toy,
      communication, industrial control, automotive, life support
      embedded in the human body medical devices, outside the body
      medical systems, engineering education systems, hobby
      systems, and you name it electronic market segments. I might
      add the 65xx has served in a highly reliable and successful

      65xx - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.


      The Mensch Computer is a computer system based on the WDC
      65C265 microcontroller (which implements both the 16-bit
      instruction set of the W65C816/65816 microprocessor, as well
      as the 8-bit instruction set of the 6502 microprocessor) and
      produced by the Western Design Center. The computer system
      is named after Bill Mensch, designer of the 6502 and
      subsequent series of microprocessor.
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