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  • B. Degnan
    Oct 5, 2013

      On midatlanticretro.org I update the calendar of MARCH specific events and
      I also add in a few VC-related but not MARCh official events on
      midatlanticretro.org site.

      MARCH events:
      Dec 14-15 holiday party
      VCF E next year April 5-16 2013 (as of today).

      non-march sponsored but related to VC-ing in the Mid-Atlantic:
      None that I know of

      If anyone knows of an event that is primarily themed for vintage computers
      or even retro gaming and will be held in the next 9 months, email me the
      URL of the event of facebook page. I am not in the habit of posting
      hamfest evens on our site.

      I am working on some sort of regional workshop event(s) TBD.

      Photos on midatlanticretro.org
      I'd like to add new event photos, or create a new photos section by event.
      Send me the URL of photos of MARCH events in 2013 that you don't mind me
      scarfing for the web site. Ideally what I'd want is for people to create
      and host images that are 350px wide by ~260px tall that I can link to
      directly from midatlanticretro.org, AND are hyperlinks to a larger-sized
      version of the picture so people can see the details.

      Member websites
      If you have a web site or sub-site that is targeted specifically to vintage
      computers and would like it added to our home page, let me know. I will
      add hyperlinks to qualifying member sites in alphabetical order. These do
      not have to be geographically mid-atlantic USA based sites as long as
      you're a MARCH yahoo group member and the subject is VC related.


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