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32574RE: Friday tech lectures @ VCF East?

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  • mwillega
    Oct 1, 2013

       Hi all,

      Friday morning would be difficult for me, I don't think I'd want to add another overnight stay and the drive from Massachusetts seems to take seven hours at my speed.  That said, sessions in the afternoon would be a no-brainer.

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      ** Hypothetically ** ... if we add Friday to the VCF East schedule, and
      if we fill that day with awesome how-to sessions, would you take the
      extra day off work / travel / attend?

      Sessions would probably be skills-based, not machine-based, because
      there are so many different interests/brands that we couldn't please
      everyone -- that is why we have beginner's classes during the main part
      of the show (Apple II for Dummies, etc.)

      For example, on Friday there could be how-to classes on subjects such as
      o-scopes, power supplies, cosmetic restoration, assembly programming,
      memory, disk drives, teletype machines, etc.

      We'd want to hear "I'll be there!" from a bunch of people before we
      commit to this idea. VCF East is MARCH's major annual fundraiser, so
      there is some risk involved if we open a third day and not enough people go.

      At least one high-ranking MARCHin -- I'm not saying who! :) -- told me,
      "Nobody wants to sit through classes all day". I respectfully disagree.

      This would be a morning/afternoon schedule. That way, people can set up
      their exhibits, consignment sales, etc. in the evening.

      Constructive comments encouraged! :)
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