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32532Re: [midatlanticretro] VCFMW, my experience

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Sep 29, 2013
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      Thanks for the report! Wish I could have gone! Anyway there is a video of the PCjr history taken there. Look at previous posts with the streaming video. I liked it be because I knew the bad reputation for the PCjr, but not why.

      I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

      Jeff B

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      On Sep 29, 2013, at 9:54 AM, jaj@... wrote:


      VCF-MW from my iPhone, excuse the formatting.

      This was my third trip to VCF-MW over the past four years. Without a doubt I had the most fun on this visit. Admittedly my own exhibit...well I mailed it in...I brought a TI CC-40 and 3 laminated pages of material about the CC 40 (I also brought and posted a laminated VCF-E 9.1 announcement) but due to only bringing a carry-on for my flight I didn't bring any peripherals. About the only thing interesting with my exhibit was when I challenged Bill Degnan's C116 to a count to 10,000 contest. I lost both times, Bill's C116 was about 50% faster. My original intent was to bring some peripherals and display the HEXBUS, maybe next time. Bill and I shared an exhibit table.

      I ribbed Bill Deg throughout the day that he too mailed it in, but Bill actually brought a neatly modified Commodore C116. The 64K modification made many games run too fast. Part of the fun was trying to play those games and not break the joystick and part of the fun was trying to figure out what worked on the SD card he had packed full of disk images. The absolute highlight was a handful of 1 bit sampled euro dance songs that we blared through a well worn 1702. It might not have been to Bill's normal standards as there was a glitch with the machine not displaying in color, but given the circumstances of being off our home turf it didn't take away from his exhibit (but certainly annoyed him).

      My favorite exhibit was the IBM PCJr display. Very well thought out and executed. I wish I would have caught the History of the PCJr talk. I spent a fair amount of time on the PCJr...the "hobbyist/what can it do today" version allowed me to chat with our Guru/VP Andy via the interwebs. The "back in the day" version is where I found myself playing Dr. J and Larry Bird go One-on-One...it certainly brought back some good memories...and again was so nicely done it makes me want to add a PCJr to my collection.

      Ian and Mouse had the table next to ours...I'm not sure what their exhibit was though ;) ! I did see 7 Commodore 1541s and at least 1 inverted C128 that was engaged in international relations with a box of random parts below it at negative 4G. I could be wrong though and it is worth noting I dozed off last night watching Top Gun.

      There were a lot of sales. I picked up a Hearsay 1000 for my Commodore 64 for a potential VCF-E exhibit. I also picked up Newsroom for the C64 in the same deal. There were a lot of freebies, not as much as last year but I suspect today there will be more as the show winds down.

      Attendance was lower than last year I thought. I hypothesized it was because bow hunting season opened this weekend. Being a two day show may have changed the dynamic.....perhaps Bill, Ian or Mouse can give a day two readout. Jason T's shirts for the show are awesome, I picked on up for a very reasonable $15.

      I smelled smoke twice. Hopefully no equipment was damaged beyond repair.

      I look forward to next year. I may drive out, it would be nice to take more home with me.

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