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32512Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Mid-Atlantic Altair CP/M

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  • Dave
    Sep 26 10:17 AM
      On 26/09/2013 08:34, urrossum@... wrote:
      > "BTW: The only "1983" machine I remember still using 8" floppies was my dad's IBM system 36 or maybe it was 34. In 1983 as a teen I only remember 5 1/4 for home computers."
      > In 1983 (A bit older than a teen, but not too much - 24), I think there were still quite a few 8" systems around, although they were going away. *Mine* certainly had a pair - 8" SSSDs, plus *two* 5 megabyte Seagate drives. Wow - I had a real computer, it seemed to me.
      > I still lusted after my friend's Cromemco System 3 chassis, though, with its voice-coil PerSci 8" floppy drives - really fast, though a bit trouble-prone.

      IBM used 8" disks all over. We had them on the terminal cluster
      controllers, as diagnostic disks on the IBM 3380 disks, on IBM Series/1
      computers, and on S/36, S/38 and AS/400.

      I also had an Motorola 6809 system at home with 8" disks. It had been
      developed for the UK Post Office I believe by Fortronic (now part of De
      La Rue) and ran Flex09. I wrote Ham Logging programs on it. The printer
      I had was really old, not sure where it came from. Sadly I no longer
      have the 6809. Apparently after dithering for a number of years the Post
      Office decided they actually wanted the system. By this time the 6809's
      were really obsolete and been stolen or borrowed for other projects, or
      like mine just loaned out. As they knew were mine was they came and
      repossessed it and I bought an Atari STE to replace it....

      > ~~
      > Mark Moulding
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