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32509Re: Mid-Atlantic Altair CP/M

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  • urrossum@att.net
    Sep 26, 2013
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      "BTW: The only "1983" machine I remember still using 8" floppies was my dad's IBM system 36 or maybe it was 34. In 1983 as a teen I only remember 5 1/4 for home computers."

      In 1983 (A bit older than a teen, but not too much - 24), I think there were still quite a few 8" systems around, although they were going away. *Mine* certainly had a pair - 8" SSSDs, plus *two* 5 megabyte Seagate drives. Wow - I had a real computer, it seemed to me.

      I still lusted after my friend's Cromemco System 3 chassis, though, with its voice-coil PerSci 8" floppy drives - really fast, though a bit trouble-prone.
      Mark Moulding
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