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32498RE: Mid-Atlantic Altair CP/M

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  • corey986
    Sep 24, 2013
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      I love this board!!!Great post!!!Anyway, I personally don't think they disappeared. I've have heard from another MARCH member who will remain nameless, that the IMSAI in WarGames was an "anachronism", and I didn't agree what that. That's why I made my original comment which Bill's screen shot confirmed my feelings on. Not that I wanted to go out of my way to prove this person wrong, it's just I remember s100 machines as a teenager but they didn't have any games that I wanted to play so I stuck with Apple. Then again I don't put anything past Hollywood, they had a MacBook destroy an entire alien invasion force with a virus, I guess when you have Jeff Goldblum you can survive dinosaurs and alien invasions.BTW: The only "1983" machine I remember still using 8" floppies was my dad's IBM system 36 or maybe it was 34. In 1983 as a teen I only remember 5 1/4 for home computers.Cheers, Corey
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