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32457The Dudley-8 (Intersil 6100 PDP/8 clone)

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  • jeff_s_jonas
    Sep 20, 2013
      Thanks to William F. Dudley Jr., Corey and Dan W, the +5 +15 -15 volt power supply was tested and delivered. Following Dudley's directions, the connector was "modified" (hacked is more like it) to restore it to the barest essentials for the "Dudley-8" binding post connections.

      The DEC flip-chip backplane needs cleaning: many of the pins are corroded. Most of the boards look good: very little corrosion. (perhaps one of the spare backplanes is in better condition?)

      After some poking and prodding, the front panel came to life. But the un-labelled buttons remain a mystery. One's "reset" but the rest didn't give insight despite our frobbing them.

      The serial port card needs a 40 pin UART: AY-5-1013, or perhaps AY-3-1015 (I'm unsure if it has -12 or is +5 only)

      learn more about the CPU:
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