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32442RE: Misc. updates

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  • corey986
    Sep 19, 2013
      To add a little technical to the PDP stuff.Since we didn't have the supply before I left, I checked using an ESR meter any electrolytic capacitor I could see. Then I just looked for obvious wires hanging off that could short out.I left my brand spanking new Variac I got for my Helios project with Evan so that Dan W. Can try to bring the power up slowly to make sure we don't have any smoke and sparks shows. There are a lot of tantalum caps in this homebrew PDP, normally I would replaced them, but this was a last minute addition to Maker Fair than Evan wants to be more than a static display.Anyway. Hopefully it works as I won't be at maker fair this year, life is just too busy this month.Cheers, Corey
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