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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 18, 2013
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      I spent all of today -- and all of last Wednesday -- building MARCH's set for the InfoAge Halloween event. By this evening I decided to throw in the towel. The makeshift PVC building just didn't work out and I only had one day left to finish. :(

      This weekend we'll be at Maker Faire to teach people about the pre-kit generation of DIY computing, especially focusing on what happened in the NYC area such as the Amateur Computer Society newsletter. Our booth staff: me, Mouse, Jeff B., and Alex J. ... We're bringing the Mark-8 and Bill Dudley's homebrewed PDP-8 clone.

      Corey had a little time today to inspect the PDP-8 clone; he said it seems okay re: capacitors etc. ... We realized that we lack the power supply, so I called Dudley, and he found it in 30 seconds in his house! I drove over there to get it. Corey had to leave before I returned to the museum, so he left behind his variac; IXR's Dan W. took home the variac and the power supply to test it. If it works then hopefully we can at least make the clone do "das blinkenlichten" this weekend.
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