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32388RE: Bye, bye, Yahoo

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  • shlafferty
    Sep 11, 2013

      Since I use both the email digests and the web forum, I am somewhat dismayed at statements that the web forum is of little use to members. I find the forum format useful for quickly reviewing the tree of a thread having lots of responses. It's also needed by digest subscribers for checking the latest postings, when one is contemplating a reply. I imagine that those who denigrate the forum format, subscribe to the mode having individual emails for each posting. That would cause too much inbox clutter and distraction for me but to each his own.

      As far as Yahoo's gratuitous, clumsy new forum format and the unannounced, random, inconsiderate way that they dumped it on us, all I can say is that it only confirms my suspicions that the company is in decline. Their forum software has been substandard for years compared to popular web forums (which are nothing fancy). The fact that they have taken a giant leap backward with this change is simply unacceptable.

      Having an account on a well-managed, professionally maintained web server these days is very inexpensive and easy to setup, so there seems to be little reason to stick with this derelict provider (other than their totally gorgeous CEO :)  The spam threat is a canard. Decent software and moderation measures which have already been mentioned easily eliminate that.

      Steve Lafferty


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