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32379Re: [midatlanticretro] RE: Bye, bye, Yahoo

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  • David Riley
    Sep 11 7:46 AM
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      On Sep 11, 2013, at 9:22 AM, "Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-" <VAXman@...> wrote:

      > David Riley <fraveydank@...> writes:
      > >I just use it as mail and it just works. No fuss, no muss. The only time I'=
      > >d need to use the web interface is to look at the archives, as others have =
      > >said.
      > That's ALL I use. I signed on via email just like have have in the past with
      > dozens of mailing list. However, I'm concerned that Yahoo, while lusting to
      > accrue more saleable data, could soon decide to cut off the mailing list only
      > subscribers.

      That's certainly not an unreasonable fear. They've been floundering
      for years, and their new CEO has a very good reputation for making
      companies successful and profitable (which at the moment is probably
      directly tied to the amount of information they can sell to advertisers
      and others).

      > I run the progressive rock internet radio station, Aural Moon. Its web site
      > has a very active forum and there are very few forum SPAMmers. That's due to
      > me incorporating some specialized PHP scripting that exploits StopForumSpam's
      > database as well as providing a cooling down period for a new user before he
      > or she can post in the forum. The latter is based on an observation that the
      > typical forum SPAMmer is a signup-and-SPAM and never to be seen again user.

      This was a number of years ago, when captchas were just starting to be
      broken by spammers. Some simple moderation probably would have worked
      wonders (thank you, Evan, for performing that function here), but the
      site's owner didn't want to spend the time doing that or delegate it
      to anyone else. She was just furious that hardcore porn was showing
      up in her horse rehabilitation site's auxiliary forum and wanted me to
      "do something about it", so I shut down the forum. We parted ways not
      long after.

      An automatic cooldown period would probably do the trick as well; it's
      essentially analogous to email greylisting, which has worked wonders on
      my mail server.

      - Dave
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