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32368RE: [midatlanticretro] Yahoo Group Header Graphic

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  • Wesley Furr
    Sep 10, 2013
      Same way here...I can't see the new interface, so I can't do anything about
      it in my own groups...not that I'm necessarily complaining. :-)

      I just created an account a day or two ago, and amazingly enough, it got
      assigned the old interface. You also now have to give Yahoo your mobile
      number in order to create a new account. The only way around it is to log
      in using Facebook or something else, I forget now what it was...


      -----Original Message-----

      Thanks. Our logo is the best thing to use.

      Yahoo still hasn't assigned the new interface to my account, so I am
      powerless to change that.

      Maybe I'll try creating a new account and see if that gets the new
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