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32259Re: uVax Diag Monitor tape?

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  • Michael Thompson
    Aug 30, 2013

      Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:36 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

      "Dave McGuire" purringdave

      I must've just skimmed Evan's earlier message...I would like to know what
      type of 5.25" drive Matt is planning on getting running on a PDP-11/44. The
      only way to do it is with an SMD controller (easy) and a 5.25" SMD drive
      (very rare), or a SCSI drive (easy) and a Unibus SCSI host adapter (rare and
      very expensive).

      Matt, what configuration are you trying to bring up? It's likely that I
      can save you some time and tears.


      There are lots of 5 1/4" RA drives that should work fine with a UDA50 Unibus controller. 
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