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32246Re: [midatlanticretro] Whoa, Yahoo changed things...

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  • wesleyhfurr
    Aug 30, 2013
      I've never seen anything quite as absurd as what Yahoo is trying to pull
      off with regards to the Groups changes. In my mind, the number one
      problem is that they have not shared ANY details...no notice, no nothing.
      They've just left people to stumble into it and wonder what is going on.
      It's been amusing (yet very sad) to see group by group someone pop up and
      ask about the changes. And it's not like you can revert back or even opt
      to change to the new look...it's all just random luck of the draw. It
      appears that when you browse to a Groups page, it is the new look...but
      once you log in, you see it either the new way or the old, all depending
      on whether or not your account has been changed.

      The other problem is that it apparently has lots of issues that haven't
      been worked out...or thought about...or cared about. There are ways that
      groups operate that is dependent on how Yahoo Groups operates, and
      removing some options makes it difficult or impossible for some groups to
      carry on as they always have. Not to mention stuff like the group photo
      or text looking totally screwed up...and moderators like yourself left to
      wonder how to fix it...then if you do fix it, it may then look like crap
      to those still seeing it the old way...

      It would sure be nice if there was a Yahoo notice somewhere with all the
      details that I could point out...seems like once or twice a day I'm
      sitting here typing up another note about such changes in yet another
      group. Just Google "yahoo neo" and you'll find a ton of people
      complaining bitterly. Though to be fair, I have now noticed all of two
      people who like it...

      I'm personally left wondering if I need to start looking into Google as an
      alternative for the groups I manage. As some of you may recall, they
      tried a disaster like this back in 2010, but enough folks complained that
      they changed it back. Not so sure they'll relent a second time... Though
      I guess it could be great...no way for me to know since I can't really see
      it logged in to my groups!

      Ugh... Perhaps I should take up basket weaving... ;-)


      > Yahoo massively changed the way groups appear -- for the worse, of
      > course...
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/
      > But when you log in, then it looks the same as before.
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