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3220Re: [midatlanticretro] New Pix up.. :)

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  • Joe Giliberti
    Apr 29 11:46 PM
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      Evan Koblentz wrote:

      > Bryan, Bob Grieb, and myself were there today. Fred recently tore
      > down a wall between the two lounge rooms in the main building, but it
      > needed some very tedious finish work, a challenge which Bob accepted
      > and conquered. Meanwhile, Bryan and I removed the old tile floor from
      > one of our basement storage rooms, and then moved everything from the
      > main basement area into the MARCH storage room. The projects took
      > several hours. Afterward, all three of us began painting some huge
      > VCF signs, which I'll finish one day this week. We'll place the signs
      > on the InfoAge front lawn and hopefully they'll attract some local
      > interest.
      > That might not sound like a busy day, but the wall and floor work was
      > actually very labor-intensive and tiring.
      > Soon, Fred will install a lock on our storage room, which is good
      > news. We noticed that the door to our storage room said "Evans
      > Shelter Room" so I took the liberty of adding an apostrophe in the
      > appropriate spot. :)
      > We might schedule one more work session the Monday or Tuesday
      > afternoon/evening before VCF. (Holy cow, can you folks believe it's
      > only two weeks from today!?)

      All you have to worry about now is what the Asbestos/Lead/Radon effects
      in ten years.
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