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  • DuaneCraps
    Aug 28, 2013
      I started a Univac Computer group on Yahoo!. Mostly as a place for for my 1219 Emulator/Assembler, but also to have a place for people who worked on Univac machines to share their experiences and what information they might have around. The Mid Atlantic Retro Computer Hobbyist (MARCH) has 2 1219’s they hope to restore. So far we have not been able to find Tech Manuals. I uploaded my emulator, assembler and operational manual to the files area. Everyone is welcome to upload anything else that they might have.
      Here is a link to the group:
      Please forward this missive to anyone else you know who touched a 1218 or 1219 or any other Univac machine
      Step right up. Who will be the second member???
      The emulator needs the memory.0 file in the same directory. put 70000 in P register and start.
      If all fails RTFM.
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