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32042Re: Museum report + various updates

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  • DougCrawford
    Aug 12, 2013
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      > Doug C. -- we tried some of the Epson QX-10 disks -- Wordstar works, but we had trouble with Valdocs. It got past the initialization and then gave us a bunch of fuzzy lines. :(

      Interesting. Note that the CPM2.2 disk didn't boot fully, causing the video to loose lock. TMP version did boot and is probably what
      you ran. Is it right for valdocs? Don't know.

      A wiki claims this:
      TPM-III was used for Valdocs and some copy protected programs like Logo Professor.

      I did not see a "-III" associated with the TPM I got
      off of Dave's old computers site.

      This site has more disks:

      I'll make some and bring them along Wednesday.
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