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32033Museum report + various updates

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Aug 11 6:08 PM
      Me, Matthew W., Don C., and Rolf L. worked in the storage area from about 10am to about 3pm. We moved approximately 1/6th of our storage into the new section, including most of our DEC collection.

      After that, I wanted to make some changes to the Big Iron exhibit room. Diver Dan, one NJARC person, and two InfoAge volunteers all helped Matthew and I to move the Cray YMP-EL into the museum. It's not so old -- 1991, so just 22 years -- but it's very cool. After we coaxed it onto a pallet jack, I noticed that one of its wheels was very out-of-round, which was making the computer difficult to move. Diver Dan happened to have a suitable replacement caster wheel ... so we literally changed a wheel in a supercomputer pit stop while it was lifted via the pallet jack!

      To make room for the Cray, other things had to be moved. Matthew and I (and Don/Rolf) moved the Burroughs B-80, and later the DG Eclipse, into storage. We also moved the Prime 6550 and Wang 2200 to different places in the exhibit room. And yes, we did measure before moving the Cray. :)

      Bill Deg. / Dave M. / Jeff B. / Jeff J. -- I will look for the small Cray front panel when I go again (Wednesday).

      Matthew had some good ideas for how we can improve the PDP-11/44 exhibit. We'll give them a try in the next week or few...

      Doug C. -- we tried some of the Epson QX-10 disks -- Wordstar works, but we had trouble with Valdocs. It got past the initialization and then gave us a bunch of fuzzy lines. :(

      Ian -- the Xerox 860 disks aren't here yet, so we weren't able to further test that system. They'll probably arrive tomorrow, so Corey and I will be able to try them Wednesday.

      All in all, it was a productive day. Big thanks to everyone who came to help, especially Matthew who drove all the way from Maryland despite being here for the workshop last weekend.
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