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31969Re: Tape Drives

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Aug 7, 2013
      Cory Smelosky wrote:
      > > Yeah. They were also vacuum-pump based, no?

      Dave McGuire:
      > Well, there's a vacuum pump in them, yes.
      > They use vacuum-column tape buffering.
      > Many 9-track drives (indeed, all of the best ones) do.

      Many awful tape drives attempted to use vacuum columns
      but didn't work so well overall.
      It's far better than tension arms and dancers
      since it allows for tape motion over the heads
      independent of reel motion, but many tape drives
      were too compact/small for tape pockets
      of any meaningful size.
      That's why the floor standing IBM tape drives
      were the "gold standard" with their long long vacuum columns
      allowing how many feet of tape motion
      without spinning the tape reels?
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