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  • s100doctor
    Aug 6, 2013
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      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, tedheadster <whiteheadm@...> wrote:
      > Has anybody noticed any larger (for their era) DEC disks in our possession?
      > David and I did an inventory and they're mostly small ones. The largest I
      > think we found were:
      > RA60 : 205 MiB (no known disk pack)
      > RA80 : 120 MiB
      > RA81 : 456 MiB (made a bad noise when powered on I think?)
      > Everything else we noted (RK05/RL01/RL02) were 10 MiB or smaller. Does
      > anybody know if we missed something (maybe Fujitsu Eagles?) or can donate
      > something largish?
      > - Matthew W

      Did you check the MARCH Infoage basement area? There used to be a lot of stuff there including some DEC boards and I believe some drives (DEC and non-DEC). I seem to recall some non DEC brand drives among MARCH's collection, that may happen to be DEC-usable.

      Herb Johnson

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