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31923quick list of items from Workshop I purchased

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  • B. Degnan
    Aug 5, 2013
      quick list of items from Workshop I purchased. Just a few odds and ends.

      Zorba computer
      Tandon 602S hard drive (for CBM 9060 or Tandy 5MB hard drives)
      A few misc. Color Computer carts that looked interesting (BustOut, Super
      Pitfall, Rampage, Audio Spectrum Analyzer)
      Monitor and Assembler cart for Vic-20
      Apple TechStep with CPU and SCSI HD pods
      InfoCom games for Apple II (standard classics I did not already have)
      Two boxes new/OS 5 1/4" disks
      2 sleaves of 256K RAM
      a few misc. disks.
      Apple II Hayes Modems (2)
      Apple II Modem cards
      A few cardboard magazine holders
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