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31903Re: [midatlanticretro] Workshop report

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Aug 5, 2013
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      Dave, thanks for yours and Matt's great work and for this detailed report.

      >> We were unable to figure out any other building circuits which were lightly loaded

      I will schedule earlier in order to get the other room for our next workshop, whenever that is. The other room has many more circuits; we already know which ones do what, and where they are; plus there's 220V.

      >> There's also connectivity for an RL01/RL02 chain as well, but there didn't seem to be a preassembled rack for that; MARCH has loads of RL01 and RL02 drives and packs in the warehouse, though, so if anyone can image a disk pack to boot an 11/44 on something interesting, that might be another decent path to pursue to turn this into a demo machine.

      Agreed. Short-term, it will be nice for visitors just to hear the machine running and see how we can interact with it from a terminal. Long-term, we should focus on making it "do" something.

      >> We also found a SECOND 11/44 in the warehouse that had been put into the stacks facing in, so it was only identifiable if you'd been looking at the back of an 11/44 for a few hours. :-)

      Heh ... when you've spent as much time in that warehouse as me, they all begin to look the same! :)

      >> At the very least, it may have been a bit cleaner in the front than the one we restored (which was dirty and very yellowed in front), so swapping the faceplates and surround may be in the cards for the museum exhibit.

      Will do that possibly as soon as next weekend. But, you guys need to remind me of where in the warehouse it's located. (Send via private email.)

      >> we can load it into one of the chassis and have the fastest PDP-11 possible running for the club.


      >> I had a great time this weekend. If I'd had a bit more money and space in my various work areas

      Can't help you with money, but there will be more space next time.
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