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  • corey986
    Aug 5, 2013
      It was Ian and Bill Deg. who tested the MARK-8. After a visual inspection, they pulled the fuses and tested the supply which was perfect, no ripple and the put them back in and turned on the unit. No explosions or fires... A major accomplishment for a machine that is older than "Star Wars" and maybe "JAWS".

      Next up, both Bill and I have to brush up on our 8008 and MARK-8 checkout procedures and do a memory test and stuff.

      Great work for Bill and Ian who both have a giant set of "spherical objects" aka Balls for just attempting a power up after a quick visual inspection and power supply test!!!


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > Very good weekend! Thirteen club members were there, along with assorted InfoAge people and various others.
      > We raised $1,000 for the seller of the large collection. There are still many items in her collection, which she'll bring back and sell to the general public at VCF East next spring. We put aside certain items for the club's collection, including an Apple III, multiple Franklins, a couple of Epson and Tandy laptops, various books/software, etc.
      > As always, in addition to working on their personal systems, MARCHins also worked on club-owned systems. The highlight was Dave R. and Matt W. working on our PDP-11/44. They got it working! It booked from one of Matt's own drives; there are a few loose ends with our drives. But at minimum we can demo connecting to the 44 from a terminal and examining memory. So we decided to put it into the museum and move the 11/20 into storage; it's good to change exhibits once in a while. See picture: http://www.snarc.net/44.jpg ... one of the next steps is to swap the yellow surround on the computer itself for a better-looking one from our other 44. We'll also probably swap some of the yellowed drives for different ones.
      > There was plenty of other work on club systems. Some examples (sorry to those that I forgot): Bill Deg. and (I forget who else) found that the Mark-8 seems to work, although we all need to learn more about it; Doug made new boot disks and new Valdocs disks for the Epson QX-10, while Ian P. gave me some cleaning tips for that system's case. Ian did quite a lot -- he also evaluated our Xerox 860 -- it shows a graphical Xerox logo on boot and then looks for disks that we don't have, so he'll try to make some; he also showed me how to open and swap some parts in DEC Rainbow monitors -- the one in the museum had some screen rot; now it's got a clean CRT from a different monitor. Jeff B. worked on two of our Educator 64s, with help from Bill Deg and Ian.
      > Hope I didn't forget anything else club-wise, but I'm sure people will remind me!
      > Oh, and my car needed some work, so Brian C. let me borrow his '79 VW Rabbit! Big thanks, Brian -- you saved the weekend for me. Just for fun: http://www.snarc.net/rabbit.jpg.
      > The next club event will be Festivus!
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