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3185Kaypro 1 operating system???

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  • keycat02
    Apr 28, 2006
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      Hello Retroids. I've recently acquired a Kaypro 1 computer with no
      software. I also have a Kaypro 2 that has most of its software
      including CP/M, and so thought that the Kaypro 1 would be able to boot
      and run the same software. When I insert a bootable disk in the
      Kaypro 1, however, I get the message "No operating system present on
      this disk". I first thought it might be a bad floppy drive in the
      Kaypro 1, so I transplanted the A drive to the Kaypro 2 and found it
      worked just fine. Is it possible that the Kaypro 1 has a specific
      version of CP/M? Does anybody have a copy? Alternately, does this
      suggest a problem with the disk controller in the Kaypro 1? Thanks
      for any help. John Reeve
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