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31832Re: anyone seen this old computer?

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  • Mike
    Jul 31, 2013
      The first Apple II (1977 release) was done twice, first manually by a sub-contractor that apparently wasn't very good and then done over digitally. I think I heard that Jobs didn't like the artwork originally provided by the subcontractor. It could have been someone else or a team decision (more likely) to do it over. The do over cost Apple several months of time in digitizing the hand done artwork.

      I presume the final artwork was printed on a plotter from digital files. Whatever process they used, it supported diagonal lines.

      Mike W.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Jonas" <jeff_s_jonas@...> wrote:
      > > > Those boards are a work of art. Look at those layouts!
      > > Yes, gorgeous. Those are hand-taped boards
      > > designed by someone who cared.
      > I was disappointed by the book "the art of the engineer"
      > because it didn't have things
      > I considered the human touch in machinery,
      > such as decorative spokes inside wheels and gears.
      > Even lab equipment had style with decorated panels
      > (kinda like border decorations)
      > and meters with simple yet elegant pointers
      > that were probably inspired by clock hands.
      > As to PC board layout, I remember a fellow
      > at a drafting table using red/blue for a 2 sided board
      > with photo separation for the 2 sides.
      > I have a few scraps of "rubylith": a peel-off
      > red plastic that was used for PC board design.
      > It was cut by hand (X-acto knife, compass with blade)
      > or by a plotter with a cutter
      > (similar to the hobby/craft decal cutters).
      > PC board layout software of the 80s to 90s
      > was really horrible and looked it.
      > Only horizontal or vertical traces,
      > and later 45 degree, but no concept of curves.
      > Those PC boards are an eyesore :-(
      > Even chip design in the 80s required HUGE color plots
      > for manual review.
      > -- jeffj
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