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31830Re: Women's Computer of the 80's

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Jul 31, 2013
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dEmWvVfEts
      > I see it's not for real...but still pretty funny.

      The Petticoat 5. LOL!
      I can tell it's a mockup because

      - it's not Barbie pink.
      There are Barbie computer accessories: mouse, kybd, etc.
      - no lipstick holders
      Some department store lipstick displays
      look just like Uhura's communications panel!
      - no lace, frills or Victoria's Secret styling
      - no decorative frame around the monitor
      - not even a matching table cloth!

      Just too many of the "woman's touches" are missing!
      Steampunk is all about romanticizing the industrial age.
      I fear///anticipate the MAKER movement advocating
      silly useless "personalization" of just about everything.
      Do we really need things like embroidered dust covers
      for the laptop or mouse?
      [that reminds me: with today's thin monitors,
      there's no top or side for accessories
      like a mouse holder]

      A long nails compliant keyboard would be MOST EXCELLENT
      for cashiers. I've seen several cashiers really struggle
      with the cash register mini-keyboard since those things
      are anything BUT ergonomic with their plain array of keys.
      A far cry from the old manual cash registers
      where Frequently-Used-Keys were raised on the outer edge.
      Multifunction touch screens actually HAMPER good operators
      because they cannot type ahead.

      cctalk has a thread about buckling "clickey key" keyboards
      and keycaps. Some vintage keyboards had a raised edge
      on the "enter" key so you could hit it with the
      side of your finger.
      I'm pissed that it was "value engineered" out :-(
      I'd simply replace the keycaps if that were still possible
      Yes, I have replacement keycaps
      such as some application specific ones
      for the IBM model M (perhaps F)
      and silly ones like a red "ANY" key.

      -- jeffj
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