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31751Old Calculator(s) (& other engineering stuff)

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    Jul 26, 2013
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      I was wondering, before I start to go to Ebay and other places, if anybody here would be interested in old calculators & other engineering stuff.

      My dad was a draftsman and then an engineer in the power & mechanical field(s), and also a drafting teacher.. he worked from the early 1960s through to at least the 90s if not a bit later till he was no longer able to work. In addition, his dad was a carpenter/workshop teacher in the public school system and we have some earlier materials probably passed on from him, and other engineers before him. I had intended to keep and make some of it publicly available, but have finally decided to let a large percentage of it go as my plans have changed, and would like to get it into hands where it would be useful and appreciated, as well as help me build my new biz.

      As such, I have some earlier calculators from the early 1970s.. and plenty of engineering and drafting books, and some other materials.

      Right now the calculator I have available is a Summit SL-8M. This includes the box, the styrofoam packing, the instructions, the warranty card, the carrying case, and the AC adapter. It is in working condition and quite good cosmetically, practically like new except for some minor wear and tear to the packing materials.

      I will eventually be able to dig up my dad's other early 1970s calculators which include at very least a TI and an HP, but they are not in as good condition as this one.

      Let me know if you are interested in these or other engineering items. I will not bother the list with currently available books, or other materials, tools, periodicals or magazines.
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