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31744Huge lot(s) of stuff for sale @ Aug. 3-4 workshop

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 26, 2013
      Hi MARCHins. Remember a couple of months ago I sorted through a large
      rescue collection down in south Jersey, via the VC Forum? The owner is
      bringing it all to our workshop and everything's up for grabs. She needs
      the money, so please don't lowball her. (Nor should anyone make offers
      here on the list. "Be there," or be square...)

      Following is the list of what's available. There may be a few
      inaccuracies. Standard disclaimers: nothing's been tested; nothing's
      going to be shipped; only one of each unless stated otherwise.

      Amstrad PPC640

      Apple II+ (x2)
      Apple IIc (several...)
      Apple IIe (x4)
      Apple IIgs (x4)
      Apple Lisa II (possibly XL; not sure)
      Mac Classic
      Mac SE
      Mac 512
      Mac Plus 1MB
      Mac IIcx
      Mac IIci (x4)
      Mac II
      Mac II Plus
      Mac Powerbook 170
      Mac LC
      Mac LC3
      Mac Quadra 605
      Mac Quadra 950
      Mac Quadra 800
      Mac Quadra 700
      Mac Quadra 800
      Mac Quadra 700
      Mac Portable
      Disk II (x4)
      misc. Apple kb+drives

      AT&T Unix PC

      VIC-20 (x2)

      Compaq 286
      Compaq 386 in nice case
      Compaq Portable 3
      Compaq SLT 286
      Compaq portable 286
      Compaq portable 386
      Compaq portable 486C (x2)

      DEC Rainbow
      DEC Rainbow 100

      Epson HX-20

      Franklin ACE 500 (x2)
      Franklin ACE 1000
      Franklin ACE 1200
      Franklin ACE 2100

      box of Model M keyboards
      IBM 5155
      IBM 5140 (x3) -- one has a nice case
      IBM Power Station 340
      IBM Power Server 32xx
      IBM 8573/121 portable with case (x2)


      "random box of laptops"

      TRS-80 Model 1
      Tandy 4D
      Tandy 4P
      Tandy CoCo 3
      Tandy Model 2
      Tandy 8MB HD (x2)
      Tandy 6000HD (x2)
      Tandy 12
      Tandy CoCo
      Tandy Model 100
      Tandy Model 3
      Tandy CoCo2 (boxed) (x2)

      Kaypro II (x2)
      Kaypro 4
      Kaypro 2000

      Spark Server 1000
      Spark storage array
      Spark Voyager

      TI Professional Computer
      TI Silent 700

      Toshiba T1600
      Toshiba 3200 SCX
      Toshiba 4700CS

      Zorba luggable
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