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31726Aug. workshop -- MARCH systems in need of TLC

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 25, 2013
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      A few thoughts...

      We didn't get to evaluate the Mark-8 at the previous workshop. Let's
      definitely do that this time.

      David G. made some progress on our 11/20 but it needs plenty of more
      work. Same for our Xerox 820. (He can give details about both, if

      As I said earlier today, Matt W. (teheadster) is itching to work on our
      11/44 (which is in great condition and maybe even ready-to-run, as far
      as I know) or our VAX 11/750 -- but he requested a trusty co-pilot.

      Our Epson QX-10 needs cleaning and TLC. We have a couple of spare units.
      I desperately want to make it run Valdocs for museum visitors!

      Corey is basically finished restoring one of our Sol-20s. I don't think
      he looked at the Micropolis drives. Also, someone should examine the new
      IMSAI drives from Rich. Speaking of which, one of our IMSAIs runs
      perfectly; the other doesn't -- but Corey has dibs on fixing that.

      We have several other homebrew-era systems of "unknown" status: Cromemco
      Z2H; TDL Xitan; multiple Zenith Z-100s; and also our formerly-working SWTPc.

      Jeff B. is focusing on our numerous PETs and Educator 64s.

      As for me, I'm kind of tired of playing Dr. Osborne, so maybe this time
      I will switch to the Compaqs (adventurous, I know) .... can someone
      bring a known-good Compaq 1 boot disk?

      As always, all MARCHins should keep in mind: the club collection is
      YOURS. So just let me know if there's anything specific that you'd like
      to work on, and chances are we will arrange it (within reason ... I'm
      not going to let just anyone work on the Straight 8, UNIVAC, Cray, etc.!)
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