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31710OT: Mac OS 9 OpenGL Driver dev guides?

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  • David Riley
    Jul 24, 2013
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      I'm going to call this "classic by fiat", since Apple has decided
      that it's "vintage" enough to have stripped most of the content
      from its website by now, though it's not clear that any of this
      was ever easily available there to begin with.

      I'm looking for any guides, sample code, etc. on developing OpenGL
      drivers for Mac OS 9, since an evening with Google has proven
      mostly fruitless. I've found plenty on developing OS 9 OpenGL
      *applications*, but I'm looking for even just a reference for the
      hooks that need to go into the driver. So far, I've come up
      pretty empty.

      I always have the option of reverse-engineering existing drivers,
      since I have a copy of IDA Pro, but that's obviously a BIG time

      Anyone have such a thing in their possession or know to whom I
      should speak? I'll be posting this on a few lists/forums.

      - Dave
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