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31705Re: Has anyone seen an S-100 PDP-8 Emulator Board?

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  • equalizer700
    Jul 22, 2013
      I worked for (owned) a different company (Micro-Integration, Inc.) and we did some projects (not this one) with I.E. Systems. We bought the company (I.E.) in the mid '80's long after the PDP-8 board. What we did do together were boards and software for connecting microcomputers to IBM mainframes via 3270 coax and 5250 twinax. The first boards were S-100, and later they were for the IBM PC. The PC brand name was BlueLynx.

      The PDP-8 S-100 board was in 1979-1981, before the IBM PC. I.E. Systems also did a ROM chip for the SuperBrain somewhere around 1981 that gave it special qualities (don't remember what).

      I'm trying to get in touch with the guy who designed the PDP-8 board. I have a friend who may have his contact info. I'll get back to the group with more info when I get it.

      > Can you describe your company a bit more? What years did you work there? When did they produce the board? Do you recall the model name or number, any features? Who worked there, who owned the company? any other products? Any of that information may help to find their products.
      > Herb Johnson
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