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  • David Riley
    Jul 22, 2013
      Hi all,

      I'm trying to clear out some basement space, and I have some Macs and parts to give out. Most of them are LC related; I acquired a small pile of LC-class machines a while ago and really haven't done much with a few of them, so it's time for them to go.

      You can have them free for the cost of shipping, which will be zero if you're going to the workshop and can meet me then. I'm not sure which day I'm going, but this could possibly influence my decision.

      Here's the list:

      - LC motherboard with substantial damage. Battery acid leak (which destroyed the connection to the battery, but the board still works) and some fool desoldered the ADB connector. Probably best for parts, but I've verified that the thing does at least boot and provide video. For what it's worth, the LC was one of only two 68020 Macs Apple ever produced, though the Mac II was a lot nicer.

      - LC II motherboard, intact and working fine. With VRAM SIMM installed.

      - Two LC power supplies, both working (should work all the way up to an LC 475, though that one might tax them a bit)

      - One full LCIII system with everything (hard drive, RAM, etc) and an Ethernet card (10Base-T) installed. I'm testing it later tonight, so if you're interested I can give you the rundown.

      I have a bunch of other stuff as well, though it isn't as thoroughly catalogued in my head. Ask if I have something you're looking for, and the answer may be yes. All machines/boards will come with a brand new PRAM battery, or empty if preferred.

      For peripheral design hobbyists: the LC is a neat machine for building peripheral boards, because the expansion slot is a pretty easy CPU bus interface. It uses DIN41612 connectors (same as NuBus and VME, easily obtainable) and you can actually override/supplant the CPU with it (e.g. for processor upgrades). I have a few pipe-dream projects for LC-PDS cards, since you can do quite a bit with an FPGA on one.

      - Dave
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