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31666semi-OTI: Data retrieval help needed in NY state

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 18 9:57 AM
      MARCHins -- the Habitat for Humanity office in Otsego, NY needs
      assistance getting data from an "older Apple Bernouli disk". Contact
      person is Barb Dauria: bdauria@....

      Whomever helps, please tell her that you heard about their issue via an
      acquaintance (me) of Dennis Fowler. Thanks.

      She wrote:

      >>> The computer we were given is "dead." But even if it would start up
      and we could connect and use it, we have no screen attached to see what
      we're doing. The Bernouli machine doesn't connect to any of the newer
      computers with ANY of the newer cables (USB, ethernet, etc.) ... We have
      to locate a way to access the documents by using an old SCSI cable and
      connect to a computer which can "see" and open them. ... I've not heard
      back from the company (kandusoftware.com) So far.... nothing. But I
      haven't given up yet! <<<
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