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31643RE: [midatlanticretro] Rescuing a circuit board from leaking batteries

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  • Wesley Furr
    Jul 16 5:35 AM
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      I'm wondering the same thing...I've got an old Sperry XT machine (apparently
      made by Mitsubishi) that amazingly enough had a NiCd battery on board...but
      has leaked a little bit, leaving behind a bright blue trail. Not a lot, but
      I figure it needs something to at least stop it from getting worse. I
      haven't tried powering it on yet. Got too many things on the "round tuit"
      list... :-(

      Sounds like Baking soda is the best bet? Any other thoughts?



      -----Original Message-----

      I am working on an AT&T 55C terminal, the main mother board has a NiCd
      battery on it that of course leaked... Are there any good methods for
      removing the nastiness?


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