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31621PETvet was : August 3-4 Workshop

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Jul 14, 2013
      Bill Degnan:
      You said:
      >So, I should be able to help with the PET
      >type models, I will bring what useful stuff I can.
      > Chances
      are we'll need sockets to replace
      >failed sockets on various boards.
      Do you mean that you will be bringing your PETvet? I recall that the pins for that damaged the socket of the 6502 on the motherboard. Remember at your workshop in October? You couldn’t figure out why your original 6502 didn’t work when put back into the motherboard. Ian Primus discovered that the pins on the PETvet were too big and stretched the socket holes too much. We ended up soldering a new socket onto the motherboard so that you could put your original 6502 chip back into it.
      Did you ever follow up with the creator of the PETvet to ask him about it?
      Jeff B

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